Willem van der Post

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Willem is a chartered accountant and formerly the managing partner for Deloitte Africa – Center for the Edge. He is an alumni of the Singularity University in California and CEO of xTech.Capital – a venture capital investment management firm.

“It became abundantly clear to me that the majority of current school regimes are preparing youngsters to take life-long jobs…finishing school and ultimately going to university with the premise of entering the job market. If you regard that framework holistically, you cannot help but conclude that the entire ecosystem is flawed – as technology automates more and more of the current jobs in existence, a system that supplies more and more job-ready people is inherently misaligned with the future. xTI seeks to nurture an impact-business mindset, i.e. serving customers with real value, through the use of exponential technology, whilst making a good living, and thereby creating more wealth, rather than focusing on redistribution of existing wealth.”

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