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Gerald is the founder and CEO of SovTech, an exponential software development enterprise.With a background in marketing and business economics, Gerald decided to develop solutions for companies that were struggling with digital innovation, and founded SovTech. Having successfully lead the first ICO in South Africa, and a a client list that spans JSE Top 100, Gerald has established himself as a thought leader on all things connected to a computer.

Steve is the founder and CEO of New Reality. Is a leader in the virtual reality/mixed reality/augmented reality field, and is passionate about the capability and potential of this exponential technology as a solution to both corporate and societal innovation issues. Steve has built solutions in training, education, engineering, retail, mining and many other sectors for both SMEs as well as multinational giants like Volkswagen.

Lorien is the founder and CEO of Bankymoon, a blockchain and cryptocurrency consultancy and co-founder/CEO of Centbee, a global cryptocurrency payments and remittance company. As Africa’s foremost blockchain expert, he has addressed and advised Facebook, TEDx, the United Nations, IMF, World Bank, the FBI and a host of other organisations in multiple industries throughout the world. He pioneered blockchain payments for utility smart metering and was the co-founder of the Blockchain Academy which educates professionals on all aspects of blockchains


Angus is an alumni (AMP) of Oxford University, and a non-executive director of several commercial and non-profit organisations. With a background in banking, he has led several banking start-ups over his career, most notably co-founding eBucks.com. He has worked with various large organizations to enable their consumer banking ambitions. Combining a desire to engineer ‘wow’ customer experiences with low-risk and regulatory compliant processes he founded and advises various FinTech start-ups. These include Centbee (a Bitcoin start-up aimed at revolutionizing payments);